Knit Your Own Dog!

I used to love to knit sweaters, but the fact that you have to knit the whole thing before you know how it's going to look on can be a little discouraging. Today I found this book:


You can knit a dog! None of the doggies in the book are Labradoodles, but a Portuguese Water Dog pattern should work OK in a pinch.

Of course, a knitted dog doesn't take the place of a real one. A knitted dog won't poop...or eat...or chew up the remote. Hmmm...a knitted dog is sounding pretty good!

A knitted dog won't cuddle with you, go for a walk, act goofy, give your hand a little nudge with her wet nose, get excited when you come home, or love you unconditionally either. A knitted dog...oh well. Maybe for some people it's a good idea.

Here's another book I saw:


Maybe you could knit your own dog with dog hair! Do you think it would get fleas?