Sweet Dreams!

This is Chandler Pippen from Calista and Mudgee's litter. Isn't she cute?


Here is what her mom had to say:

Hey Dixie! We are doing great! Chandler Pippen is her full name, and it really does suit her! She is the joy of our lives! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful puppy! She is the best. She wears us out! She has got the most wonderful personality and everyone she meets just loves her. We think that she is part bunny and part lion! Everyone tells us that she looks just like a Teddy bear and they don't know she is real until she moves! Puppy classes are great and Chandler performed a perfect demonstration last week with the trainer. We are so proud of her. She sleeps in her crate and has never cried during the night. She is awesome. I am not sure if I sent you this picture yet, but it is everyone's favorite. We took this the third day we had her. More pictures are coming, of course she is so big now- almost 9 pounds!Thanks again for such a wonderful and joyous gift!