Way to go, Dakota!

Dear Dixie, Just a note to say how thrilled & proud we are of Dakota!!  I know Michelle was going to call you, so by now you know that he's been matched with a family and is going to be best buddies with his very own 12-yr-old boy.  Dakota and this boy, Ben, had instant chemistry!  I'm SO happy...you would've loved seeing them together, I'm sure.   Ben was amazed that Dakota would obey commands from him and just spent the whole time playing with him while Mom & Dad asked questions & talked. Honestly, knowing what I do now about Type 1 diabetes & diabetes alert dogs, I have to say that I think Dakota is almost custom-made for this job...great nose, super smart, a nice size for a young child to handle, extremely people-focused...and that's just for starters!  Happy  If that were my child I would definitely want the safety net of a dog trained to look out for him. I am especially pleased that GDTx is providing training (the diabetes part they're contracting out, but a lot of it they're doing themselves), for the people as well as Duckie, and will provide ongoing 24/7 aftercare like they do for all their guide dog teams.  This is what they do so well, and why I love volunteering for them...I know they'll take good care of that puppy we've worked so hard on, and ensure he's successful & happy.  Perhaps one of the most special things about Dakota, that makes him such fun to work with, is the way he tunes in and seems to almost know what I'm going to do before I know it myself.  I think that sort of empathy will really be a big key to his success.  ANYWAY, I could just talk about him forever but I'll let you go...  Happy  Just had to share our excitement!! This family will be so blessed with him, I just know it!  Thanks for being willing to do what you do.  It's definitely making a difference in people's lives! Beth

I'm so proud of Dakota! As you can tell from above, he will be a diabetes alert dog for a 12 year old boy. I love it when these guys get to do what the breed was created to do, service dogs. Dakota was from the final litter of Alice and George (born May, 2008) and was selected by Guide Dogs of Texas for training as a service dog. I was honored to be asked to name him. Dakota, meaning "friend", is the name of my grandson. I am proud of them both!


Here is a photo of Dakota as a baby. This is the first thing I saw when I came downstairs one morning...Dakota, standing in the water bowl!


Here is Dakota's picture painted on the side of the Guide Dogs of Texas van. I love the puppy training vest!


Finally, here he is all grown up, looking sedate and beautiful.