Austin City Council Passes Spay/Neuter Ordinance!

On 12/16/2010, The Austin City Council passed an ordinance banning retail sales of dogs and cats. The ordinance further stipulates that breeders must spay/neuter and microchip the animals they sell or pay a fine. It also bans sales of animals at locations other than where the animal was bred. This means no more animals for sale from the backs of vehicles parked on the side of the road. Animal shelters and non-profit mobile rescues are exempt from the ordinance.

Congratulations to the Austin City Council! For almost eight years I have been spaying, neutering and microchipping my puppies before they leave. I have always felt that if ALL breeders practiced early spay/neuter, there would not be a pet overpopulation problem in shelters. Apparently the Austin City Council agrees!

I would happily say goodbye to Petland. I know some have argued that Petland provides employment, and that shutting them down causes people to lose jobs. However Petland could make a corporate decision not to support puppy mills. Many customers visiting Petland "feel sorry" for the puppies and kittens there, so purchase the animals to rescue them from the retail store environment. However, saving those puppies and kittens condemns the sires and dams of these animals to horrible lives at puppy mills. It would be much more responsible of Petland to operate as a retail store selling pet supplies. Then, and only then, would I shop there.

You may read more about the Austin City Council ordinance here:

If you have reservations about the health risks of early spay/neuter, please read the information at the following links:

My hope is that other municipalities will follow Austin's initiative and require breeders to spay and neuter, making a real contribution to reduce animal overpopulation.