My new website!

This is my first blog on my new website! After this one, they will be more dog-related, but I have to let you know about my new site. I LOVED my old website, because my daughter had created it in an html class in college. But, after a few years of me updating it in FrontPage, well, it wasn't a nice clean snazzy site like it used to be. FrontPage is no longer published by Microsoft, and it wasn't compatible with my current computer, which is a MacBook. I was having to boot my old PC to use FrontPage and to upload it every time I updated anything...which is a lot! It was a huge pain, and I knew the day would soon arrive where I had to make a move.

I mentioned my plight on a Kindle forum. Who knows why people were talking about Macs on an ebook forum, but someone said that the entire internet would thank me if I redid my website. That hurt! (They said that because FrontPage is such a clunky and ill-suited software for much of anything, which is true.) To this I replied, "Will Al Gore thank me too?"

Someone else on that forum recommended RapidWeaver software, so after doing a little research I bought it. It was overwhelming at first, but I took some online training at RapidWeaver Classroom. Wow! This made all the difference in the world!

I am very proud of learning the software and putting my new site together. I hope you enjoy it!

And wouldn't it be neat if Al Gore did thank me? You know, for cleaning up a little smidgeon of the internet, since he created it and all.