Missing Miss Melie

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, "Is it sad for you when the puppies leave?" The answer is a resounding "YES!" I do miss them so much, but it doesn't compare to the sadness of parting with a beloved and retiring breeding dog.

I knew when I started my breeding program that over time I wouldn't be able to keep all of my dogs. I mean, it wouldn't be fair to them or to me, and I could just see myself being one of those people that you see on the television news that has 80 dogs and says they love every one of them. Yea, right.

So the right thing to do is to let them go. Reluctantly. Sadly. But I know I have to do it, and I know they go to great homes where they forget all about me. Sad

That's a good thing! Really it is good for all of us (I tell myself). I know that my dogs go to loving homes to live out their lives in families where there may be no other dogs, or just one other dog. They deserve that, and that's what I want for them, no matter how sad it is for me at the time.

Even so, I worry about them being successful in their new homes, and I agonize over finding just the right ones for them. Quite often their forever families are already known to me years before they leave here.

Our sweet Amelia, or Miss Melie as we usually call her, recently found her forever family here in Austin. She now has two human brothers to play with, and she is living the high life.

We will always miss her. She was our class clown, our prankster and game player. You could practically see the gears working in her brain as she plotted against the other dogs and played little tricks on them. One of her favorites was placing a coveted bone close by, like across her front paws, and then pretending to be asleep. The other dogs obsessed over the bone, which was exactly what Amelia wanted…that scamp!

Another favorite game was "Catch me if you can! Come on….CATCH me!" I didn't like that one.

But most of all she loved to play "Whisper in My Ear", and her favorite thing for me to whisper was, "Are you my teddy bear?" She would sit perfectly still, not moving even a paw, while I whispered to her, and she seemed to delight in every word.

Yes, I will miss Miss Melie. Her new brothers whisper the teddy bear question to her now. I made sure they knew how important that was to her. I know that her new family loves her as much as we did, and that she will live out her life in the best place for her, delighting her new mom and brothers with her sweet spirit and mischievous ways. I know she will add as much to their lives as she did to ours. How could she not?

Here she is with her new bros:


Goodbye Miss Melie; we love and miss you!